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Aphrodite Rose Hair Vine - Headband As seen on Reign | Rose Williams as Princess Claude in Edera Headpiece

Aphrodite Rose Hair Vine - Headband

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Dia Earrings dia-lace-butterfly-set-2.jpg

Dia Earrings

from 165.00
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Nereid Necklace nereid-crystal-pearl-statement-earrings-1.jpg

Nereid Necklace

from 145.00
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Delphinium Earrings (White with Ivory Accents) Long dangle drop wedding earrings

Delphinium Earrings (White with Ivory Accents)

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Acanthus Earrings acantha-earrings-white.jpg

Acanthus Earrings

from 255.00
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Delphinium Earrings (Cream) Long dangle wedding earrings with pearls

Delphinium Earrings (Cream)

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Gossamer Earrings gossamer-earrings-white.jpg

Gossamer Earrings

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Driade Comb driade-yellow-coral-rose-bridal-hair-comb2.jpg

Driade Comb

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 Artemisia Earrings Artemisia-earrings-bracelet-pearl-set-1.jpg

Artemisia Earrings

from 300.00
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Flora Earrings flora-earrings-small-pearl-chandeliers-0333.jpg

Flora Earrings

from 200.00
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Orange Blossom Crown orange-blossom-ivory-silver-3863.jpg

Orange Blossom Crown

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Theia Barefoot Sandals theia-silver-crystal-barefoot-sandals-2.jpg

Theia Barefoot Sandals

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Acanthus Necklace - Headpiece acanthus-crystal-lace-earrings.jpg

Acanthus Necklace - Headpiece

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Nereid Earrings nereid-earring-necklace-set-3.jpg

Nereid Earrings

from 435.00
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Anthea Earrings As seen on Reign | Rose Williams as Princess Claude wears Edera "Anthea" earrings

Anthea Earrings

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Acanthus Bracelet acanthus-crystal-lace-jewelry-set-10.jpg

Acanthus Bracelet

from 360.00
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Acanthus Halo Headpiece - Necklace acanthus-crystal-lace-jewelry-set-10.jpg

Acanthus Halo Headpiece - Necklace

from 825.00
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Dia Necklace dia-lace-butterfly-set-2.jpg

Dia Necklace

from 175.00
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Artemisia Bracelet artemisia-pearl-bridal-bracelet-0221.jpg

Artemisia Bracelet

from 355.00
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Maia Earrings Maia-Crystal-Flower-Bridal-Earrings-0124.jpg

Maia Earrings